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Wifey Update

Second card done yesterday afternoon. Another score that the England cricket team would like to score due to inability to get out of one bunker but for this she would have beaten her first card by a good ten shots. She is trying different shots with different clubs, but her first real improvement came when I suggested she use one of them big grey castle tees off the tee. Kabooooooooooooom. The ball whistled out in the air 150+ yards. 

We were behind a group of ladies all day, who had introduced themselves to her and me on the first tee and they all saw it.  I said to the the misses, "You'll get some comments as we pass them" (it was a shared fairway and they were coming the other way). Sure as eggs are eggs they had all seen it and praised the misses over her drive. My misses smiled and thanked them but was visibly chuffed. The next drive was even bigger! Her scores dropped considerably over the last four holes and it's going to be interesting when she does her final card next weekend.

Putting her under pressure to keep up with your >300 yard 3 woods won't help!

Both our big hits were on the same hole. It was a great feeling strolling along the fairway together, I can hear people throwing up as I type, after our two best drives of the day.  The ladies tee was way up the fairway on this hole so she wasn't that far behind me. I was using my 3 wood to try and stop intimidating her.  She was way past me on the next into the wind.

It will all end in tears. Not many weeks from now she will be telling you where your going wrong, and you will be getting gruff and humpy with your game sliding of the scale.Your doomed I tell you, doomed.

Crazyface,What is gonna happen when a) she tells you needs to get fitted for the new shiny driver reviewed in TGb) and she starts to beat you and instead of thinking you are a decent golfer realises your pretty poor


a) I think it may be a while yet.

b) She won't beat me for a while yet, but I have a horrible feeling the second part is going to happen real soon. Our course is really tough and I struggle to get anywhere near my handicap. Once she starts to realise that after 10 years of playing I can still score 6+ on a par 3 then I'll be removed from on the pedestal (golfing wise only) I'm currently on. The members reckon a handicap on ours is worth at least 2 shots on most other courses. Just thought I'd add this in to show I'm not useless.

Update time:- Yesterday the last card was completed, and yet another score the England cricket team would be chuffed with in the second innings was recorded but........on our 9th hole she spanked yet another great drive away. Then the second shot went up the left side of the green and rolled to within 1 mtr from the hole. The putt was duly sunk. 1st birdie recorded. She also had three other chances, albeit outside chances as they were very long putts, for pars. We've got a mixed comp coming up this weekend fingers crossed she will enjoy it. Ok you can throw up now.

Update. 20 shots, yes 20 shots less for the round on Saturday. She sank two very longs putts and hit two greens off the tee. What with me having an absolute mare (108, shank, shank,shank, where the hell has this come from?) the difference in our scores was an awful lot less than her first game. Great day.

I posted on another thread about the weekends improvements, we played Friday and Saturday, Saturadays scores was 134. Well.....yesterday after tea she suggested we play 9 holes. The clubs were in the car before she could change her mind.  We decided to play the "back nine" yup she's even picking up the lingo. Out 10th has a stream to negotiate 2/3 the way up the fairway where she has struggled. Smash. Over and.....on the green for four. Hmmmm. Well the 8's,7's, 6's and the odd 4 were written on the card. This is gonna be good. On the 15th, with the ball in 6cm ish grass (get a ruler) at the 150 marker she drilled the ball up in the air one bounce and through the green into the water. She was a little dismayed at this, "its a shame when you loose a ball". "Well don't hit it so far then!". 17th a very long par 5 . More water and a ditch. No problem. She laid up and then smashed it onto the green for 5 whilst being watched by four blokes on the 16th tee, one of the toughest shots you can play when first starting out. A 7 on the long 18th after being 3 metres from the green for 3 !  A score of 58 for the back nine, which is harder, due to the length than our front nine.  I was well and truely beaten.  Smiley? You betcha. I new this was going to be her game. I smiled all the was round. Her swing got faster as she got more confident. Proper golf shots with irons. None of the scoot it along the ground.  Anyone want a lesson? 165 for 18 holes down to 58 for 9 holes all in 6 rounds of golf. I'm still working my rates out. Life is GOOOOOOOOOD !

Just keep coaching her as you are.We lost Sorenstam and now Ochoa, the world of women's golf needs a new superstar.......

Fingers crossed.

Make the life with mutual understanding and mutual love.keep sharing.Learning Golf Game

Update : Wifey seems to have levelled out, although she is dropping down the clubs from off the tee. Driver on par threes has long gone, down to 5 iron. I'm now getting moaned at for her bad shots,

Great reading Crazy.  Keep up the good work, going out with your partner is all about the competitiveness and laughing together, just dont moan when she goes out to play with the women and leaves you at home, which seems to have happened with my hubby

Bit of a test this Saturday, Lady Captains Day. Wifey has been pursuaded to join in, so will be playing amongst the ladies for the first time. She has played a few times in mixed but this is a proper ladies comp thing. I'm more nervous about it than she is.

Tell her to relax and enjoy it, eventually you wont have to be playing with her as she will have all her new lady friends .  Oh, and good luck to her.

Yup got  out last night.  Taught her a punched shot that will help guide the ball, hopefully, onto the green, or at least towards it, when close in, instead of the bunkers that she usually favours. She has a nice round the body swing, which is great for the driver and 3 wood but uses the same for every shot which sometimes means she drags the ball to the left and....into the bunkers by the green. Also, she's struggling with the concept that if she hits a club a certain distance, then it should NOT be used when closer because "I don't always hit it that well". Yeah, but you just might. So I had to insist that a 7 iron was used instead on a 3 wood, guess what? Yup duffed. so then I casually lobbed another ball over to her and said " go on have another go". Just short of the green. Super!.  Also, when putting close in, say 3 meters it's putt putt putt putt, yet when miles away it's just the two and in. Can anyone help on this? I'm at a loss.She's also struggling with the fact she can actually play this game. Strange I know. Doesn't seem to accept praise too well and thinks the other ladies hit if better. "They don't, they are just more consistant, and this comes with practice". I got a bit down last night with her inability to realise she is actully quite useful at the game, and struggled to keep jollying her along as I have been doing.Hopefully, after Saturdays Round she will have a better idea of where she's at.

After Saturday she will really be gobsmacked at where she is at.  I remember going out with the ladies for the first time, trembling on the tee, fairway and green but the women were great.  They'd all been playing for years and still, to this day, play to the same very high handicaps, but were very full of praise and helped relax me a lot.  It can be very hard to keep jollying somebody up when their head goes down, sometimes its better just not to say anything at all.

I think you're right there sgr1234.

Hells teeth did it rain yesterday !!!!! Just as wifey wwas due out. Stood in the clubhouse watching it stairrod down and chatting to someone about how awful it was.. 

Update:-Went for a knock last night. On the first tee we had a discussion about stance and as a laugh I took up a bit of a gross stick your bum out arched back squat stance and said that sometimes you see players like this and that I sometime do it when trying to get one close from 150 . On our fifth tee I'd hit off from the mens which is way back from the ladies and set off down to the ladies where the misses launched one miles down the fairway. "OMG" I said a bit too loudly. When I reached the tee she said that she had tried this "stick your bum out" stance on the shot. She then did this for the remainder of the hole which is a very long par five . She played proper golf all the way there and sank a putt for a six.  Brilliant. One the next tee she again clobbered the ball the furthest I've see a woman at ours hit. Uphill onto a bank (it's all uphill on the 6th) when the other are usually right down at the bottom of the hill (I'll get some photos) now the next few were not so good but she persisted with the stance until it was hit. Now then upto the green. The ball was behind a bunker and the shot was a 10 meter shot up over the bunker onto a raised green. She had a nine iron in her hand. I took it off her and handed her a pitching wedge and explained to her what usually happed to high H/C's in this position. "They will under hit the ball into the bunker then take three / four to get out in frustration. Watch the back of the ball and follow confidently through the shot and the ball will get on the green" Simple init really? Well she did it to perfection. Four putts later it was in.

Back again. Well Sunday was a sort of work (her) society do at Gorsty Hill Crewe (ooop North).  The course, front nine is nice and flat so wifey started to actually score (we were playing stableford). Eight points were on the card after five holes. blob/2/4/2/2. Then inexplicably the wheels fells off. She was still striking the ball well but sometimes into rough that was really rough rough and very hard to get out of. Only 11 after nine holes. Out drove me twice, bl00dy wind. Anyhoo, on to the 12th, longest drive. Now afterwards when we got home she said that she was a little disapointed about the 12th. "Why?" I asked. "Because I thought I could win that" she said with a straight face. She was not joking. She actually thought that the marker that was on the fairway was not just reachable for her, but BEATABLE! Now that's confidence eh? I thought it was just about gettable for me with my 3 wood, which is all I had, but she thought she could beat it with her (my) driver.  5 1/2 hours out in very windy conditions took their toll and we both wearilly trudged back in with scores of 16 and 28 respectfully. She was worried about coming last, but had nothing to fear. One bloke, with only six weeks of playing (three actual rounds), came in with ........6.

in a way i'd love for my missus to have a round but she doesnt take instructions well and it would probably do my nut in.

always try to get her to have a whack when we go to the range with our lil girl but she never does

I am really enjoying your "blog" Crazy.Keep it coming.My boy starts his group lessons this weekend. Sunday group at the local range, he is 8, a leftie and is thoroughly keen to beat his Dad one day.

my little girl went to group lessons,

she hit about 10 balls on the range all afternoon with little to no teaching.

not been since.

i get 50 balls for a few quid less and shes better hitting ball after ball rather than hit and pause for the next kid

<blockquote class="quoteheader" style="text-align: left; background-color: transparent; color: #000000; overflow: hidden; text-decoration: none; border: medium none">Pengwyn 6.8 \/ wrote (see) <blockquote class="quote" style="text-align: left; background-color: transparent; color: #000000; overflow: hidden; text-decoration: none; border: medium none">I selfishly want him to be dead keen so our "quality" time can be spent on the course.Ditto with the misses. My only concern is that she usually tries something for a while then gives it up. Will she re-new next year? I've got everything crossed. One thing is certain, if she does she will be buying a new driver for herself, and I will be getting mine back.

Crumbs what happened there ?

Crazy, was missing your blog for a while, nice to see it going again.  Loving the fact that wifey is managing to outdrive you.  Cant believe the confidence she had re the longest drive!!  PS I've got a Taylormade Ladies Burner Driver that I'm going to be getting rid of if she's interested, £60 plus P&P.  I've only hit it about 20 times, I've more confidence with my 3 wood.

It's back. Wifey hasn't played for a while but I signed her up for a mixed comp last weekend. She wasn't too keen as she wouldn't be out with me.  Loads of prizes on offer as some holes were "sponsored" by couples with birthdays, anniversarys etc. Nearest pins, from tee  / with second shot / third. Best combined (partners) stableford scores on holes.  I was in a three behind the group with wifey. Oh she's got a new driver I purchased for her, self centered git that I am, I wanted MY driver back.  Prize on 5th (horrendous par 5 ) for combined stableford scores. Wifey lipped out for a par apparently got the six. I got a six. Cor we're in for one prize surely. It's a really tough hole. I'll get some piccys today. She out drove the two men on the 5th and 16th, both ladies tees are well forward on these but still, it has to be done. It was a bit of a battle in the afternoon as the wind got up and I struggled to 30pts, wifey got, well not as many as she should really. But she had a great time. We have a great meal in the clubhouse and chatted to everyone else swapping stories about the round as you do, then the presentations came. I got nearest pin on 2nd and sank putt so got a two, one of only two that day so collected a bottle of whiskey and 15 Srixon balls.  Then, the last prize was combined scores on 5th AND 17th. Nutz. The 17th is a monster par 5 as well. I thought wifey would have collected a prize. When they announced both our names I was stunned. Wifey had got an 8 (for a point), me, a 5 (for 3pts). She was thrilled to bits !!!! We're both off on this Friday and wifey has suggested we play golf. That's a first!!!!! Isn't life grand !

We played on Friday morning and things had gone a bit wobbly.  A huge score was amassed. I really can't put my finger on why this was. I managed to keep quiet all the way round with no coaching, not that I have any more to skills to teach. Still we had a nice time in the drizzle. Best bit was on the 7th. Wifey was on a steep bank with a little chip up to the green. As she took her stance I watched her as she watched her ball roll down the hill without hitting it. Very funny. She didn't think so. Sunday was too nice not too. So off we went for a quick nine. Huh, 2 1/2 hours. Big queue on the first tee. The ladies were out then three other groups. It was a very slow 9. But we both had a challenge to beat our shocking scores on Friday. We both managed it, comfortably. Again I did not bother to coach. On two occasions wifey was close in and the sand wedge came out. She's never done this before. Nice hits were done but as we've all experienced the ball ended up very short of the hole, in fact just making the green both times. Still at least a new shot was tried. Also, on the 4th a drive off the tee went way up in the air, proper shot type,  instead of the flat trajectory that she usually does. "What happened there?" I asked "I just tried to hit it up" she replied. "Well keep doing that" I said. Things are definitely going in the right direction. Afterwards we popped into the bar and joined up with some of the ladies that had already come in. Wifey is seriously thinking of turning up next week to join in. Her confidence must be high and she must be feeling more comfortable with everyone. Oh yes, one more thing, she put us down for the Annual Dinner Dance and offered to drive.

Well the dinner dance went off ok, and a few London Prides were sunk yum yum. New Captian seems a bit of a wit, although biggest cheer of the night was for the new vice captain (semed a popular lad) so we could be in for a good year. Sunday afternoon we popped down for a "quick nine". No more coaching from me. Wifey on first tee. Full upper body turn arms straight and the ball flew off IN THE AIR!!!! 170ish . Best tee shot ever. Perfect execution. Well to my untrained eye it looked perfect. Strangely irons aren't the same. 3wood off the deck is the same. Now the pins are, unusally close to the front of the greens. Wifey is doing the most delicate of chips to land the ball just on the green. Where this come from????. We all know how hard this shot is eh???? Duff duff eh? No. Chip. On.  Does wifey need lessons? I'm not sure she does. I'll work on her irons swing / shots next season. It's only going to be a slight tweak anyway.Great fun for 2 hours!!!!! Then home to Sunday tea at our sons and girlfriends and know everything grandson who's 8. Brilliant !!!!!

Nice to hear life and golf for the wife is good.

Hiya Spartacus, things are going well. I think on Sunday something must have clicked with her and I no longer need to jolly her along to keep her spirits up when she does bad shots. I think that she's turning into a proper golfer who just accepts that bad shots happen and it's just part of the game.

I do hope she thoroughly raked it afterwards or did she just leave it for her caddy?

It sounds like she's figured out the secret of golf, which is to enjoy playing bad golf when it happens.

Just read all of this and fell very jealous but also pleased for you. I wish my wife would take up golf, she did go to the range with me recently and hit 25 balls so is willing to have a go!

Yes it's really great. I was talking to a guy yesterday and he was moaning that his girlfriend didn't play and it really annoys him when on holiday he sees a course he's not played nearby and knows that he will not be able to. If only we had better weather in the winter. No golf in sight for this week.

2011.I wasn't going to continue this but after Sunday I can't resist. First round this year and first shot was hit off the heel bulleted left down into the bunker by the 9th hole. As there was a group on the temp 9th green I suggested she let them putt out and have another go. Second attempt. I assume this was off the toe of the club as it shot off to the right on to the practice area. Oh well, you're off I said. Well it didn't geet much better for the next two holes either. Bloomin' temp greens grrrrrr. By the forth she way hitting a bit better and once on the green called over to me "Would you like to join me on the green darling?" in a, what ho, type of voice. If you know what I mean.  Is she taking the pi$$? I thought, coz I wasn't doing so well. Well this Jeeves and Wooster type of voices continued down the fifth, where after a bit of a duffed shot from her, I suggested she just threw the clubhead through the ball instead of trying to force the shot with her shoulders. "But hey what do I know, best have a word with Gregory (our pro) dahling" Sixth tee. Keeerpow! She launched a monster. That stopped my larking.  Monster, (ladies type) 3 wood up the hill as well. OMG ! 7th tee nearly hit the pokey temp green. 140 yards off the tee ball stopped dead. 8th tee. Another monster that ended up 20 meters PAST the 150 markers. Yes it's from an elevated tee, yes it's downhill into a valley but the ball must have carried 130 meters!. 9th tee almost matched my drive, I kid you not. Yes sure the ladies tee is 30 meters up but still!. Nine holes, no crossed words, I have no more  skills and knowledge to teach your on your own now me dear. She wasn't keen on the cold though.

best have a word with Gregory (our pro)well you can have a word,but i aint that good m8,

Next round for her won't be for at least two weeks, and judging by the weather here it maybe a while for me too.

Life is great when your wife/girlfriend gets hooked by golf. Couple of weeks back we're on the sofa watching the box.... "where do you fancy going on holiday this year?" she asks, I suggested that we hadn't been to Myrtle Beach for a few years. Two weeks on and the flights are booked! Sod the recession, I'm intent on leaving nothing when I pop my clogs!

@Tim, nice one, we`re hoping to get to North Carolina this year but not taking the clubs

Sorry I can't resist. Well second round this year for wifey, was done on Saturday. We had a lovely stroll around in mainly bright sunshine. After the 11th hole I said to her something on the lines of she would be on for a round of about 120 ish. D'ya know she can't get her head round the fact that this is a massive acheivement. Anyhoo, a duffed shot, well a shnk actually was done on the 10th and she looked over to me as if to say " Go on give me on of your on course lessons that I loath". I just stared back and said "I don't know what you're looking at me for. I've taught you everything I know last year. I don't know what you did or what caused that to happen. I'm sorry luv, but you're on your own now. You've got to figure out how to get the ball from the tee and into the hole at the other end for yourself. Sorry". And on we played. A blinding chip on the 13th from nowhere. "Where's that come from?" I asked. "I just tried to do what you told me". I'm almost weeping as I type. It was wonderful to watch. Every drive was clouthed off the tee. Driver everytime mind. Even little par threes. She just reigned back on the power.

nope not finished."I've decided to use the driver of every tee and just hit it to suit the hole"

Well done wifey for continuing even in this weather, bravo to you CF for the amazing encouragement you give her, a few of the boys here should take a leaf our of your book

Wouldn't that be great! Wifey has mentioned it and we may look at a few days away to play, with Scotland being mentioned, so fingers crossed.

Have been reading posts with much amusements, my other half not interested at all but my 8 year old son hits a lovely shot, no fear and a great action, just a pity he would rather play Star wars on XBOX, going to have to persist as is must be great having another golfer in the family.

I don't know if it would work with an 8yo but I just kept on saying that it looked like golf would be her game and she should give it a go and praised any half decent shot and explained away any bad one as....well...golf.  Just keep chipping away AT Yorkie. I'm constantly working on getting my grandson interested. He is also 8yo and football daft. He lives and breaths it. I'm currently using the "what do you think footballers do when they aren't playing football? They play golf", tactic. To absolutely no effect at the moment.

Going to have another crack at him in spring, ironically he joined a golf cadet scheme with some really keen kids who had nowhere near his poise or hand eye coordination they tried hard at what came so easy for him but he is not bothered about going back, I'm gutted really he could have been my excuse to get out more myself

Bribe him into going.