Golf holiday sorted

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Golf holiday sorted

I've just finalised the details of this year's golf holiday - Mrs W and I will be spending the last two weeks of October in Myrtle Beach.

We're flying with BA from Heathrow to Atlanta and driving from there to MB. We're renting a 3bed apartment on a golf course thanks to a fantastic deal on Airbnb. Got 12 rounds of golf booked.

Costing us a small fortune (and about 15% more than before the Brexit vote) but we both take the view that its better to spend it before the senile dementia kicks in......

Roll on Autumn! ;-)

Get away

Don't blame you Tim, sounds great.

Try and get back to Oz sometime. It's been a while hasn't it?

Its been 35 years.... thats a

Its been 35 years.... thats a scary thought. I have promised my good lady that we'll go to Oz. Shame you've chosen to locate yourself in the wrong state though Al ;-)


Is only a couple of hours drive from here.

. . .but this place is heaven.

Climate perfect, not too hot for golf on summer mornings and perfect conditions during the winter, except when it rains - which is so infrequent, they don't bother playing in it. No need to get Galvin Greens, just walk off and play tomorrow instead.
Just starting to warm up now, the Golden Wattle is in bloom and flowers are everywhere, spring is definitely here.

Balls to the cost. You're

Balls to the cost. You're only here the once. Have a great time ! We're off to Nashville (Brenham, Texarkarna, Little Rock, Memphis, Jackson, then Nashville in two weeks) we can't wait !!!!!

Great trip John, really

Great trip John, really envious.
Mate of mine did the same some years ago, he was a big 50's rock and roll fan and and a DJ in Wales in the revival years late 70's early 80's. He knew Dave Edmunds, Shakin Stevens and Crazy Cavan. He felt he just had to do it. I wanted to go with him but had a young family at the time and a missus who would not have been pleased, even if I had suggested it.
Missed out