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Hello guys I wanted to travel abroad can you suggest a good place where I can relax.

Right...this has got to stop.

Right...this has got to stop. Will people stop telling other people when the best places to go are, and how to get cheap this, or good inexpensive that, as this will start putting the prices up of everything and everywhere I go!!!! god damnit, there was even  a program on how to get a good cheap car......give me strength!!!!! Let 'em buy a new car.


Check out some of our

Check out some of our destination guides


land down under

Come to Australia. In Sydney we have amazing (and I mean amazing) courses, my favorite of which is the Long Reef golf club. I know you'll love it! It's right on the beach, and if you don't fancy that one, we have a bunch more in the city. If you don't want to golf - that's fine too. The beaches and the relaxed atmosphere is something everyone enjoys. 

Bonville in NSW was excellent

Bonville in NSW was excellent..... really enjoyed it.  Bit of a run from uk though

I love traveling in Asia, so

I love traveling in Asia, so I would reccomend taking a look at some of the packages on

Algarve in Portugal

Can't go wrong with the Algarve in Portugal given its all year round climate, fantastic golf courses some of which are world class not to mention great hotels and pristine beaches etc etc. I used this golf travel operator last year and they were great plus cheap too!

I would take a tour of Europe

I would take a tour of Europe with joy, there's so much to see. Especially to Saint Petersburg, their shore excursions seem to be the great:
Yes, it takes a lot of time to flight across the Atlantic, but think of Australia, it takes them even more time to reach any county in Europe.