6 key holes at Pebble Beach where the US Open will be won and lost...

US Open 2019: Pebble Beach course guide - six key holes that will decide this week's US Open winner...

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Thu, 13 Jun 2019

HOLE 9 - PAR 4, 526 YARDS

The par-4 ninth typically plays the hardest hole at Pebble Beach, and it will likely the case again at the US Open this week.

The longest par-4 on the course at 526 yards with the ocean all down the right flank and bunkers and deep rough down the left, there is no hiding place off the tee.

The drive needs to ideally be hit down the left side of the fairway to use the contours of the fairway to bring it back down onto a flatter lie down the right side. But in all likelihood, you will have an uneven lie to contend with. 

But even if you do find the fairway off the tee, the approach is no bargain either. The ocean hasn't gone anywhere, and a giant bunker guards the front left of the green. Distance control will prove very difficult. Throw in some wind, the elevation change, uneven lies, and the caddie has got one his toughest jobs of the week on this hole. 

A par here will feel like a birdie and you will run to the 10th. 


HOLE 17 - PAR 3, 203 YARDS

Just a brutal par-3, with wind typically playing havoc with players and caddies, with the hole playing tight to the coast down the left side.

While an elongated green awaits, just finding it within 30 feet of the pin will require all a player's skill. 

Some players will even be chipping on the green should they find the right side of the green, and the pin be located on the left - and vice versa. 

Par here and you'll run to the par-5 18th, where a birdie awaits.

HOLE 18 - PAR 5, 543 YARDS

Pebble Beach finishes with arguably one of the most iconic holes in all of golf.

This beautiful par-5 hole is a birdie chance, but it can also ruin a round with the ocean running down the left side. 

Take off some of the dogleg from the tee, threading your ball between the ocean and giant tree in the middle of the fairway, and the biggest hitters can take the green on in two. 

Bail out right and you'll find sand or the rough, and you'll be hacking out to some 100 to 150 yards for your third - which could often be the safest play even if you do find the fairway off the tee.

Much will depend on the strength of wind as to whether players will take the green on in two blows. 

You'll see the odd eagle, but not too many. There will be ample birdies here and loads of pars, but you will also see plenty of bogeys and worse.

It's fair to say it's a closing hole that you'll want more than a one-stroke lead on. 



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