Adam Scott: Slow play will never change, "get over it"

Scott has some strong words on slow play following slug-fest final round of Genesis Open

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Mon, 18 Feb 2019


Adam Scott has revealed how slow play is "never going to change until sponsors say no more money."


Scott was speaking moments after playing alongside eventual Genesis Open winner JB Holmes, who received plenty of stick himself for his typical slow-play antics that left many viewers in uproar. In fact, the final round took players more than five hours to complete.

The Australian was quick to explain how weather conditions played their part at Riviera, with wind gusts in the region of 30 mph and temperatures in the 50s.

"Well look, we know he [JB Holmes] is generally a slow player," said Scott. "When you get conditions like this, everyone turns into a slow player.

"We know he’s a slower player. It wasn’t affecting things. I mean, it just takes a long time to get around."

Slow play out on the PGA Tour is going nowhere fast soon in the eyes of the former Masters champion.

"I mean, I’ll tell you my thing on slow play is it’s never going to change. I think, just get over it,” he said.

"Until television and sponsors say, ‘No more money,’ slow play ain’t going to change."


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