Boris Johnson takes up golf competitively ahead of Donald Trump meet

Boris Johnson v Donald Trump coming to a golf course near you soon...

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Thu, 15 Aug 2019

British prime minister Boris Johnson is reportedly honing his skills on the golf course, leading many people to believe it will heighten the chances of the UK securing a trade deal with United States president and golf fanatic Donald Trump.

Johnson has reportedly been working hard on his golf game at a course near his Oxfordshire home, especially before his official appointment as prime minister in July.

After watching Johnson hit a number of shots, BBC 'Today' reporter Ross Hawkins claimed the prime minister was "not the most comfortable golfer," with onlookers saying he has an "agricultural" style.

Five years ago, Johnson put his golf skills on display at a Santander event in London with former World No.1 Rory McIlroy, and well, as you can see from the video below, he's not exactly horrendous but he could definitely do with some quick tips...



A source told the BBC that Johnson's golf practice sessions are unrelated to working with Trump, but the sudden interest to now take up the sport properly for the very first time has raised eyebrows among many on social media. 

One user wrote: "I wonder why Boris has suddenly taken up golf... you'd think he would be too busy for golf!"

Another commented: "I'm afraid golf will arouse in Boris irresistible feelings of ridicule. The chances are that he and Trump will not have time to complete 18 holes."

Many see Johnson's fresh interest in golf could play a key role in the UK securing a post-Brexit trade deal with the world's biggest economy.

Trump's love of golf is well known, and he even owns more than a dozen golf resorts around the world.

The president has played with a number of star players including Tiger Woods and Lexi Thompson this season, and he was this week seen teeing it up with two-time major champion John Daly.

The former Open and US PGA winner dispelled any talk of the US president being a "cheat" on the course. 

A new book recently came out declaring multiple accounts of people claiming Trump to have cheated during games of golf.

According to Daly's quotes this week, Trump does not a cheat on the golf course but former US president Bill Clinton definitely does. 

Last year, Trump caused outrage on social media when driving his golf buggy over the corner of a green - WATCH HERE


According to political expert Ron Elving, the British prime minister is doing exactly the right thing by hitting the course.

Mr Elving said: "I think it would be a sensible thing for anyone who wanted to do some sort of business with Donald Trump, and also be seen as intimate to actually go out and play golf."

According to reports, Trump's golfing habits in April cited 10 former and current Trump aides and golf partners who said he uses time on the golf course to make key work calls and talk about policy with his partners. 

After Trump's 2016 election victory, Japanese prime minister Abe Shinzo chose to congratulate him by gifting him a gold-plated golf club.

Ahead of a summit with Shinzo in 2017 Trump told Westwood One sports radio: "We're gonna play golf, we're gonna have a round of golf which is the great thing about golf, you get to know somebody better on a golf course than you will over lunch."

Trump and Shinzo played golf together again in May 2019 when Trump visited Japan, and he was also joined by Japan golf star Hideki Matsuyama. 

So where is the first match likely to take place between Johnson and Trump, should it happen? 

Well, Trump and Johnson are next due to meet at the G7 summit in France on August 24, so perhaps a Ryder Cup rematch could take place at Le Golf National. Who knows, but that is probably unlikely. 

US national security adviser John Bolton revealed how the relationship between Trump and Johnson is already "off to a roaring start."

Bolton also said the UK will be "first in line" for a trade deal with the US once it has left the European Union. 

Watch this space for a golf match between Trump and Johnson. 



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