Brooks Koepka and Bo Jackson wear custom Nike shoes at BMW Pro-Am

Brooks Koepka and baseball legend Bo Jackson both wore unique pairs of custom Nike shoes for the BMW Pro-Am.

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Fri, 16 Aug 2019

Brooks Koepka has made a great start at the BMW Championship, shooting a four-under score of 68, leaving him just three off of the leader Justin Thomas. On Wednesday, Koepka grabbed everyone's attention at the BMW Pro-Am when he and his playing partner, baseball legend Bo Jackson, was seen wearing a very unique custom pair of Nike shoes.

Jackson was rocking the custom Nike shoes that had his iconic tagline "BO KNOWS" written on the heels of the silver and black shoes. Jackson is famously known as the only athlete in sports history to be named an All-Star in both football and baseball.

The famous tagline from the two-sport MVP came from a popular Nike campaign called "Bo Knows" which had Jackson attempting to take up multiple sports, including tennis, golf, racing and even playing the blues with Bo Diddley. The campaign was created for the launch of the Nike Air Trainer I, a cross-training shoe that was the first of its kind.

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Koepka, a big fan of Jackson's, wore his own version of the custom Nike shoes that included a twist on the famous tagline, with Koepka's Nike shoes saying "BROOKS KNOWS" across the top.

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“I was so excited just to come here and wear these in front of him,” said Koepka when he was asked about the shoes.

Jackson seemed to appreciate the gesture, he said: "I love his shoes."

Koepka spent much of the round asking Jackson questions and the the former Heisman Trophy winner was more than happy to answer as many as he could. Check out the video below and see the two in action together.

One of the interesting questions that Koepka asked Jackson was whether he thought that someone could repeat Jackson's accomplishment and become successful in multiple sports.

“No,” said Jackson, “but see back when I did it, the talent pool wasn’t that deep, not trying to take anything from those players that were there, but I knew that I could do both.”



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