Bryson DeChambeau at Northern Trust: "I can swing it even faster"

DeChambeau adamant he can hit the golf ball even further than he currently does on the PGA Tour...

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Wed, 19 Aug 2020
Bryson DeChambeau at Northern Trust: "I can swing it even faster"

Bryson DeChambeau believes there are no limits as to how far he can drive the ball on the PGA Tour ahead of this week's Northern Trust. 

DeChambeau, who lies fourth in the season-long FedEx Cup standings heading into the first leg of the Playoffs this week, considers he can still swing the club even faster than he currently does despite hitting a number of drives well past the 400-yard mark this season.

"Every day I wake up and I go 'Yes, I think I can go faster'," said DeChambeau, who currently tops the driving distance charts on the PGA Tour with 323.9 yards.

"I feel like I can swing it faster. Just last week, I got my 6-iron up to 112 mph swing speed. My ball speed was at 160 mph. That was me going after it, but I don't know where the limit is on this and I am excited about that.

"I look forward to each and every day of going down this rabbit hole to see how far I can go. 



"I'm sure there's going to be a time where I can't gain the size and strength like I have this past year, so there is going to be a depreciating value to that over time. I know that, but every day I'm going to do my best to keep hitting it farther. 

"This past week, I have recognised I wasn't hitting it as straight as I possibly could from the PGA Championship, and I went and worked on hitting it a little straighter with the driver, irons and the wedges. 

"I am always looking to improve in every facet but definitely from a distance perspective. I don't know the limits to it yet."