Bryson DeChambeau says Brooks Koepka would "kick my ass"

Bryson DeChechambeau believes that Brooks Koepka would kick his ass if the two were to fight.

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Fri, 16 Aug 2019

Bryson DeChambeau made the headlines for all the wrong reasons last week at The Northern Trust. The 25 year old was absolutely rinsed on Twitter after videos emerged of the 'Mad Scientist' taking nearly three minutes to hit a 70 yard pitch shot and a similar time over a ten-foot putt which he went on to miss.

DeChambeau was quick to defend himself and told the media that he wasn't the only issue with slow play and that in fact, he doesn't believe he is to blame. DeChambeau thinks that there are a lot of players who walk to their ball too slowly, so when he has hit his drive past them, he can't get his numbers until the players behind him have hit.

There were all sorts of different aspects of DeChambeau's game that people felt were causing his slow play, one being the use of green books. Many players had their say over the matter and someone who tends to speak his mind very freely is Brooks Koepka.

In the past, Koepka has spoken out against slow golfers and wants the PGA Tour to do something about it. After DeChambeau's online onslaught, he was clearly feeling a little attacked by Koepka and demanded that the four-time major champion makes any comments about his pace of play to his face.

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Koepka gladly accepted the opportunity and the two had a chat at Liberty National about slow play and both players said afterwards that there was no furtehr tension and their issues were resolved.

To bury the hatchet once and for all, the two appeared on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio on Tuesday to discuss the matter.

“People acted like the two of y’all were going to fight,” said Michael Collins, host of SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio.

The two may look like a pretty even match, with DeChambeau a foot taller than Koepka, standing at 6'1 compared to Koepka's 6'0 frame, but DeChambeau was quick to admit that he'd want no involvement in a physical altercation with Koepka.

“Let’s be honest, we know who would win that fight and it’s not me. Let me tell you right now — he’d kick my ass,” said DeChambeau.

Koepka wasted no time with his fast response, saying: "You've got that right."

Take a listen to some parts of the interview below:



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