Cameron Champ: "It's pretty clear" I never had coronavirus

Champ convinced he never tested positive for COVID-19...

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Fri, 3 Jul 2020

Cameron Champ believes "it's pretty clear" he never even had coronavirus, despite a test ahead of last week's Travelers Championship revealing that he had tested positive.

Champ then took three follow-up COVID-19 tests on three consecutive days, each coming back negative, and as a result the PGA Tour decided to amend its rules for asymptomatic players who receive a positive test to return to action instead of being forced to self-isolate.

"I mean through the specialist that we worked with, at this point it’s clear that I never had it," said Champ. "As far as their medical opinion, it’s pretty clear that I never had it, so that’s why I’m going about the way I am now.

"Since the inception of the PGA Tour Health and Safety Plan, the tour’s policy for all positive test results for players and caddies requires a minimum 10-day self-isolation period, based on the Centers for Disease Control’s time-based protocols.

"Now that the tour is in week four of its return to golf and following several asymptomatic positive tests followed by negative tests—and after direct consultation with the CDC—we are transitioning to the CDC’s test-based model, with their support.

"Going forward, in accordance with CDC guidelines, a player or caddie who tests positive for COVID-19 but has not had any symptoms may return to competition if he returns two negative tests results, a minimum of 24 hours apart."

He added: "I think everyone was supportive. I think just about everyone knows about my situation and with the tour players on the board, they’re the one that voted it in or were one of the ones that helped vote it in, so I know they all had my back and supported me and knew my situation.

"So it was just nice, like I said, not to have people look at me, ‘Oh, he has corona, we have to be careful’ type deal. The support, it definitely makes it easier to come back. Again, not having people looking at me thinking that I’m contagious or anything."



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