Clarke: Tiger didn't pay for many dinners

Darren Clarke reveals how Tiger Woods rarely picked up a tab. 

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Wed, 20 Sep 2017


Darren Clarke and Tiger Woods might be the best of friends, but the Northern Irishman has joked how the American is a disaster when it comes to ever picking up the tab. 

Speaking to Dubai Eye Sports Tonight, Clarke praised the 14-time major champion for the best part of half an hour, none bigger than claiming he is the "greatest golfer of all time" and quite simply a "good guy."

But the most revealing quote was when it came to paying for dinner.

"He had a very successful savings account," joked Clarke.

"He didn't quite pay for too many dinners whenever we were out, I have to say. He couldn't even be coerced into paying for dinners."

One of the show hosts followed up with: "Was he was as tight with the media as he was with his fellow players?"

"I didn't tell you that, but yes," chuckled the 2011 Open champion.



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