Donald Trump crashes wedding at his golf club and KISSES the bride

President Donald Trump crashed a wedding at one of his golf resorts, clapped himself and then kissed the bride.

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Mon, 22 Jul 2019
Donald Trump crashes wedding and kisses bride

Donald Trump, the president of the USA, crashed a wedding at Trump National Golf Resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, while he was staying there for the weekend.

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The president was spending the weekend at the Trump National Golf Resort and decided to make anappearance at the wedding reception of Nicole Marie and PJ Mongelli and got a very welcoming reception from the other guests.

Trump then stood in front of the crowd who were applauding his arrival and he then started clapping himself along with the guests.

He then asked the couple to come over to him and the couple, who are huge Trump fans, were thrilled to join the president.

The happy couple continued the "USA" chants under the embrace of Trump, who seemed very happy to receive such a reception.

Bride Nicole, who has publically shown her support for Trump on her personal Instagram account, then told the president "we love you so much" during the moment, where herself and Trump shared a quick kiss on her wedding day.

PJ, who had just married his fiance Nicole, also has a photo of himself and his new bride wearing a MAGA hat.

Danielle DeSantiss, cousin of the newly wed bride Nicole, filmed the meeting and posted footage on her Instagram account with the hashtag MagaWedding.

One woman who was enjoying the wedding said to Trump "you're a class act that you came in here," before another said "you've got all of our support here."

Trump was then asked by the groom if he would stay at the wedding for a while, with another guest adding: "please, please, it would mean so much to us."

A friend of the bride posted a picture of Trump's appearance at the wedding, posting the caption: "She’s one of the most #patriotic people you’ll ever meet maybe besides my sister. #weddingcrashers #presidenttrump."