Golf Points Index introduces innovative scoring and handicap system

New scoring and handicap system that will particularly benefit junior and beginning golfers.

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Thu, 18 Jan 2018

Golf Points Index introduces innovative scoring and handicap system

Golf Points Index (GPI) has launched a new golf scoring and han‎dicap system based on points earned on each hole in relation to par in order to keep score and track your progress.

GPI was developed in order to provide golfers with a more equitable, engaging, entertaining, and fun way to keep score and track progress.  GPI awards a 1/2 point for a double bogey, 1 point for a bogey, 3 points for a par, 5 points for a birdie, and 8 points for an eagle.  All other results get a 0.

GPI founder and President Ron Zevy admits that the genesis for the system came because of frustration about the current stroke based scoring system.

"How can a birdie only be worth one stroke less than a par‎ when it is much much harder to achieve?" said Zevy.


While GPI is not the first points based scoring system, Stableford is widely used in the UK, and the PGA tour employs a modified Stableford System for one event, it is the first and only which incorporates the point totals into a working handicap index.

The GPI Handicap is the average nine hole point total over the last 180 holes played.  It allows players of different levels to compete on an even playing field.  A player with a GPI of 12, for example, will give an opponent with a GPI of 8 a 4 point lead in a nine hole match.

The free website and mobile apps allow the golfer to enter their point totals and the system will calculate current GPI in addition to GPI for individual golf courses.  A golfer can play as many or as few holes as they like and still enter a point score for their index.

In addition to being free, GPI does not require the golfer to belong to a golf club in order to register.

GPI will be a boon to the millions of recreational golfers who do not carry a traditional handicap but would still like a way to benchmark and track their progress.  While beneficial for golfers of all ages and levels, GPI is especially geared to junior golfers, mid to high handicappers and seniors.

The First Tee, the world's largest junior golf organization, has recognized its merits and the first wave of chapters have already signed on to pilot the system in 2018.

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