Golfer chips in using HALF a club after snapping it into two pieces

What a shot! A club snap followed by a hole out...

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Thu, 12 Nov 2020

Golfer chips in using HALF a club after snapping it into two pieces

A video has gone viral of a golfer chipping in from off the green using half a wedge, after he snapped his club into two pieces on the previous hole.

Now whether or not he snapped his wedge out of frustration or completely by accident, we can't be sure (most likely an angry snap), but to control a wedge to perfection when it's missing the top half is pretty impressive.

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The video was posted on the Golfersdoingthings Instagram and received quite the reaction. Watch the video below to see the shot for yourself:


Savage. Via: @keemron44

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"What a short game this guy has," said one witty golf fan.

"llegal......he modified his club," joked another.

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"But you can't play with altered clubs after you tee off so thats a 2 stroke penalty."

"I support his anger recovery process."

"Modern problems require modern solutions."

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This is going to make the pin location on Sunday even more entertaining!

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