How handicaps change after each round

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Tue, 18 Apr 2017

How handicaps change after each round


Only competitions that are handicap qualifying competitions will automatically trigger handicap revisions.

Typically, handicaps are reduced by 0.4 for each stroke a category-four player (handicaps between 21 and 28) shoots under their handicap, 0.3 for each stroke a category-three player (handicaps between 13 and 20) shoots under their handicap, 0.2 for a category-two player (handicaps between six and 12) and 0.1 for a category-one player (handicaps up to five).

If the result is more than zero plus your buffer zone (zero to four shots for category four; zero to three shots for category three; zero to two shots for category two; zero to one shot for category one), your handicap increases by 0.1.

For example, if your handicap is 17.3 (category three) and the card you entered was a gross score of 87 and the standard scratch score is 67, your net score would be three shots (87 - 67 = 20) above your handicap. As your buffer zone allows you to be between zero and three shots above your handicap (17 + three) then no adjustment is made. 

If your gross score was 81, meaning you were three shots (i.e. 81 - 67 = 14) under your handicap, then your handicap would reduce to 16.4 (17.3 - (0.3 x 3)).

Click this link to find out more about the full CONGU uniformed handicapping system.