Jack Nicklaus says Donald Trump plays "a little bit like I do"

Jack Nicklaus has revealed that there are similarities between his own golf game and that of Donald Trump.

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Fri, 6 Sep 2019

Donald Trump is an absolute golf nut. The president of the United States has a true passion for the sport, one that sometimes gets him in the headlines for the wrong reasons. It was recently reported that Trump had cancelled a trip to Poland for a meeting regarding Hurricane Dorian, but missed the meeting to play golf. On a more positive note for the 45th US president, arguably the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus, has recently praised Trump for his skill in the game.

Trump has played golf with some of the biggest stars golf has to offer, including 15-time major champion Tiger Woods and the man whose record Woods is hunting down, Jack Nicklaus

Nicklaus, who has 18 major titles to his name, more than any golfer past and present, was a guest on Bloomberg's 'The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations' a few months ago in June.

Having played with mulitple US presidents, Nicklaus was asked by the show's host, Rubenstein, to shed some light on his presidential golfing experiences. On Thursday, a new clip appeared on the Bloomberg website of the Golden Bear revealing some surprising information about Trump's golfing talents.

“I’ve played with a few,” said Nicklaus, responding to Rubenstein's query about how many presidents Nicklaus has played with.

“And which one’s the best?” Rubenstein asks.

“Well, the ones I’ve played with, actually Trump is probably the best player,” Nicklaus says. “Trump plays pretty well. He plays a little bit like I do. He doesn’t really ever finish many holes. But he can hit the ball, and he goes out and plays and just enjoys it. But he’s won several club championships. He can play.”


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