The most unique swings in golf right now

We take a look at some of the most unique swings out on Tour right now.

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Fri, 27 Sep 2019

Gone are the days where a golf swing is expected to be traditional and the same as everyone elses. Teaching professionals no longer try to change the way a student swings the club, because it's all about what the club is doing at impact. As long as the club is in a good position at the ball, then what happens before that doesn't really matter too much.

There's been some odd swings over the years, with Jim Furyk's unique swing bringing him a lot of success and before that, we had the likes of Lee Trevino and and Moe Norman proving that a swing didn't need to be conventional in order to be successful.

In the modern game, I think it's fair to say that we now see the most vast range of swings out on Tour that we've ever seen and GolfMagic wants to go through some of the most unique players around.

Bryson DeChambeau


Now this guy might get a lot of stick for taking too long over his shots sometimes, but there is no denying that Bryson DeChambeau is a huge talent and one of the purest ball strikers out on Tour.

The man known as the 'Mad Scientist' has a major in physics and applies that to his game. Not only does he calculate wind densities and a load of other factors before making a shot, but his swing stood out when he first arrived on Tour. He now has five wins on the PGA Tour to his name and many people believe that this man is destined to go to the top one day.

The Cobra player also uses very unique golf clubs in the Cobra 'One Length' irons, meaning every one of his irons are cut to 37.5 inches - the length of a 7 irons - and their lie and bounce angle are also the same; only the lofts are different.

DeChambeau keeps a very straight plane throughout his swing, as if his arms and the club he is holding are connected. It's something that we had never seen before, but there's no questioning his strike. Check out this slow motion video of DeChambeau's swing back in 2017.

Matthew Wolff

matt wolff.jpg

Matthew Wolff had a brilliant amateur career before bursting onto the scene as a professional earlier this year. Everyone knew who Wolff was during his amateur days due to his unorthodox swing and huge drives. 

Highly tipped as one of golf's future stars and possible No.1's, golf fans around the world couldn't wait for Wolff to turn professional and he did just that in June 2019, before making his debut at the Travelers Championship.

Just a few weeks later, the 20-year-old was a PGA Tour winner, claiming the 3M Open at TPC Twin Cities, beating DeChambeau and fellow Tour newcomer Collin Morikawa by one shot.

Wolff's unique swing is something that you'd never think to try, but he inherited parts of it from his days as a baseball player. To get more rotation, Wolff uses a left leg kick before almost picking the club straight up in the air and allowing it to drop into position on the way down. Take a closer look below.

Jim Furyk

furyk fedex.jpg

Now I mentioned him earlier but Jim Furyk is still a PGA Tour player and is one of America's most successful Tour players ever. The 49-year-old has 17 PGA Tour victories to his name, including the US Open in 2003 and the Tour Championship in 2010 which led him to the FedEx Cup.

Furyk's swing was one of the earlier unique swings that stood out on Tour but many believe, including Furyk, that his swing is probably the most repeatable out there. It's almost like a figure 8 motion, standing very close to the ball he takes the clubaway in a pretty normal position, but then brings the club almost over the top of him, before dropping his arms back into a good position to strike the ball. Take a look below.

Tommy Gainey

tommy gainey.jpg

Tommy 'Two Gloves' Gainey won his first and only PGA Tour event in 2012, winning the McGladrey classic by one shot. Gainey hasn't made this list just because he wears two gloves, but because his swing is easily one of the strangest you'll see out on Tour.

Gainey grips his clubs very strongly and instead of allowing his trail arm to almost fold into 90 degrees like the common golfer, he keeps it very staright by swinging as far away from his body as he can. His posture is also very unique as he bends over until his chest is almost parallel to the ground. Watch his swing for yourself in the YouTube clip below.

Bubba Watson

bubba watson.jpg

Bubba Watson is one of the biggest hitters on Tour, which is crazy considering the shot shape he uses 95% of the time. Watson loves to play a massive cut with his driver but he still hits the ball well over 300 yards.

He's a controversial character but the two-time Masters winner is a fantastic player and his swing definitely makes our unique list. Watson's backswing his extremely vertical, picking the club up high into the air into a really tall position with his arms stretched above him. He lifts up his lead heel like Arnold Palmer used to do, but nowhere near as much as Wolff, to help him rotate as much as possible. Watson also hinges his wrists a lot later than most golfers, who commonly tend to hinge around half way through the back swing, but Bubba waits for until he is pretty much at the top before the hinge. Watson creates a huge amount of lag which helps add to his massive distance.




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