Paige Spiranac fears for future children after dubbing herself "Alpha Jugs"

Paige Spiranac appears to be worried about her future children after she engaged in an hilarious spat with "Alpha Male" Nick Adams.

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Thu, 12 Jan 2023
Paige Spiranac fears for future children after dubbing herself "Alpha Jugs"

Paige Spiranac joked the hilarious nickname she gave herself will come back to haunt her. 

The social media superstar engaged in a spat with Nick Adams last week after the self-anointed "Alpha Male" criticised slow female golf players. 

Adams suggested there be courses designated for women only so as to "not clog up" courses. 

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Wrote Adams: "Can't there be a par 3 course set aside for the slow female golfers so they don't clog up the championship courses on the weekends?"

Adams added: "There's no reason women should be allowed to slow down the pace of play on a beautiful Saturday like today!"

Paige lambasted Adams by saying she would take great pleasure in out-driving him and claimed he was the type of person who believed he would "have a shot with the cart girl". 


Not content to let it lie, Adams hit back by saying that Paige wasn't known for her golf swing. 

Referencing her looks, Adams wrote: "Listen Paige, you're not famous because of your golf swing or how far you can drive the ball." 

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Adams is Australian by birth but American "by choice". He contends that he is former U.S. President Donald Trump's favourite author. 

Paige then replied: "Listen Nick, we all know I have fantastic milkers. I shall now change my name to Paige Spiranac (alpha jugs)." 

One person responded to Paige suggesting that she "took the bait" but she retorted: "No, I played the game and won." 


The exchange was viewed by more than four million Twitter accounts. 

But now Paige is worried about her future children, posting: 

Paige was named Maxim's 'Sexiest Woman' last June.

When this happened, she told the New York Post: "It's so funny, my manager called me and she's like, 'You're never going to believe this, but Maxim wants you to do the cover.'

"And at first, it didn't quite sink in, and then I called her back and I'm like, 'Wait, does that mean I'm No. 1, I made it?'" 

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