Paige Spiranac on what makes her HATE golf the most!

Spiranac reveals what makes her dislike the sport the most - and we can all relate to this!

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Fri, 1 Oct 2021
Paige Spiranac on what makes her HATE golf the most!

Paige Spiranac has taken to Twitter to reveal what she hates most about playing golf, and it's the dreaded snap hook.

Despite being a former pro golfer, Spiranac, who has more Instagram followers than Tiger Woods at 3.1 million, admits she is still accustomed to hitting the shot out on the course.

And that is what she hates most about the game. 



"Nothing makes me hate golf more than hitting snap hooks off the tee," she tweeted.





Spiranac first played pro golf back in December 2015 before joining the development Cactus Tour in May 2016.

She won a tournament in June 2016 at Orange Tree Country Club, but later in the year would fail to qualify for the LPGA Tour. 



Spiranac admitted to receiving online abuse in the form of bullying and she decided to retire from pro golfer at the end of the year. 

Since then, Spiranac has turned into a social media sensation, posting golf videos, trick shots and selfies to her social media channels.



Spiranac now has the most Instagram followers of any individual golfer in the sport.