Police turning golfers away who "nip out for a round of golf"

It looks like some golfers aren't paying attention to the UK lockdown due to COVID-19...

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Tue, 31 Mar 2020

Golfers are still being turned away from the golf course by the police despite the strict UK lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Times & Star.

According to the report, Cumbria police are just one of a number of forces in the UK to be issuing warnings to golfers who think it's still acceptable to head to the golf course.

"In just 15 minutes, Cumbria police turned three people away from Stony Holme after travelling in a vehicle to walk their dogs," claims the report. "A warning has also been issued to someone who had nipped for a round of golf."

Cumbria police said: "These measures are in place for a reason. We remind you not to travel to exercise, walk dogs or play golf."


In another report from the Echo News, some 20 people have been spotted playing golf at Belfairs Golf Course in Essex, even though the course is closed and all the flagsticks have been removed.

"I have tried to tell them they shouldn't be playing and they always just start shouting, saying they are only playing a few holes and what harm could it do," said Essex councillor Stephen Aylen.

"Even though I try to talk to them from a distance, I do sometimes fear for my safety. I have a duty of care to protect residents.

"Every day there are people there, probably around 20 a day trying to play."

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered a UK lockdown on March 23 claiming "you must stay at home" - and sadly that has meant no more golf for us golfers until further notice. 

A statement from England Golf confirmed the news: "Following on from the Prime Minister's statement tonight (March 23), golf clubs and golf courses in England must now close.

"It is England Golf's position that this deeply regrettable, but highly necessary and responsible course of action must be implemented with immediate effect and be maintained until further notice.

"The government has identified an urgent need to introduce new restrictions on public life and on non-essential businesses opening their doors.

"This has been done to limit the spread of the coronavirus and relieve the growing pressure on our National Health Service.

"Keeping golf courses open is simply no longer compatible with the updated policy of government which is designed to save lives in a time of national emergency.

"The health and wellbeing of the nation is the only consideration that matters at this moment in our history."



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