Rick Shiels and The Average Golfer clash in Twitter spat

YouTubers Rick Shiels and The Average Golfer have clashed on Twitter.

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Tue, 4 Feb 2020

Creating a large following on YouTube is a difficult task, with many people trying and failing, but Rick Shiels has been creating content for many years now and is the most watched golf YouTuber on the planet.

Shiels creates a wide range of different content, from equipment reviews to instruction videos. The man has you covered. 

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With 745,000 subscribers on YouTube, Shiels has gained a large and loyal fan base who know that he will say it how it is in his videos.

Due to his popularity on YouTube, Shiels' social media following has also grown, with 76,000 followers on Twitter and a massive 240,000 followers on Instagram.

Now although Shiels dominates a large proportion of the golf YouTube market, there is certainly room for others to shine, one being The Average Golfer, whose popularity has grown due to the fact he's a little different to your typical golf content creator.

Andy - widely known as The Average Golfer - isn't a professional golfer (hence the name) and his YouTube following is rapidly rising, currently at 26,000 subscribers.

Many golfers go to Andy's reviews due to the fact he's just a typical golfer trying out new products, not a professional who is generally going to get the most out of every club.

Recently on Twitter, Shiels and Andy seemed to clash, after Andy posted a tweet on The Average Golfer Twitter page (@AverageGolfer99), saying that he believes most YouTubers feel the need to write negative reviews in order to get the most views, something that welcomed multiple replys from Andy's followers.

Shiels, who is known to say it how it is and be very honest in his reviews, responded to Andy's tweet showing screenshots of some of The Average Golfer's video titles, saying that he was being hypocritical.

The response from Shiels hit a nerve with Andy, who replied "clearly grown a set."

Shiels, who has also starred as a judge on Wilson Golf's Driver vs Driver show, came back with: "Just don’t understand your recent accusations and digs. I’ve only ever been fair to you, yet all you seem to do is slag me off behind my back. Talking about growing a pair. Maybe you need to take a look at yourself pal."

Others felt the need to get involved too, saying that both YouTubers produce fantastic videos, but this online spat should have been dealt with privately.

Check out Rick Shiels' YouTube channel here.

Check out The Average Golfer's YouTube channel here.



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