Rickie Fowler praises "slower greens", but what do you think?

Slow greens or fast greens - which do you prefer? 

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Mon, 16 Jul 2018
Rickie Fowler praises "slower greens", but what do you think?


Rickie Fowler may have fallen short of a second Scottish Open title at Gullane on Sunday with a tie for sixth, but he left for Carnoustie with an interesting remark on the speed of the greens.



The greens were slowed down at Gullane last week due to the possibility of high winds. 

Fowler, who won the 2015 Scottish Open, suggested the slower than typical greens at Gullane might have very well highlighted the better putters on Tour. 

"I think it’s kind of nice because (you) actually get to hit the putt, you’re not just trying to hit it to a spot and letting it work to the hole unless you have a downhill, downwind putt," said Fowler, who finished six strokes adrift of eventual winner Brandon Stone.

"You have to use your imagination as far as creativity and trying to judge how much the wind will affect it. At the end of the day, you just have to hit solid putts.

"Slower greens may accentuate a mis-hit putt more. Whereas if you have a downhill putt in the States you kind of just have to hit it to get it going. Here, you mis-hit it a little bit uphill, into the wind and it can be a pretty big difference." 

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