Suspect arrested after driving stolen car onto Topgolf range

The drive that went horribly offline at Topgolf...

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Mon, 15 Oct 2018


We've seen many wild drives at Topgolf down the years, but none quite like this one in Alpharetta, Ga, United States last week.

According to WSB-TV, an employee at TopGolf’s facility was working the morning shift on Thursday when they noticed a car ripping around the driving range at 7am. The employee alerted the police who arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

The TV station spoke to officer Howard Miller, one of the arresting officers, who said: "The vehicle went onto the turn and continued on and almost went into one of the target holes.

"Thankfully one of the wires on the netting between the target got underneath the vehicle and saved the car from taking a six-foot drop."

The report claims the car was stolen from nearby Cobb County, and that the suspect gained access to the range through an entrance used by the maintenance crew.



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