Tiger Woods and girlfriend Erica Herman sued for 'wrongful death'

Woods sued for 'wrongful death' by parents of former bartender who died in drink-driving accident. 

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Tue, 14 May 2019

Tiger Woods has been sued for wrongful death by the parents of a former bartender at The Woods Jupiter restaurant who died in a drink-driving accident in 2018, according to a complaint filed in Palm Beach County.


According to reports, Woods' girlfriend Erica Herman, who is also the general manager of the restaurant, has been named as a defendant.

The lawsuit claims Nicholas Immesberger, 24, crashed his vehicle while driving home from Woods’ restaurant on December 10 and his blood alcohol concentration was found to be more than three times the legal limit at the time of death.

The lawsuit also states Immesberger was being "over-served for hours" by employees at Woods' restaurant before the accident happened and that both Woods and Herman "had direct knowledge that Immesberger had a habitual problem with alcohol."

USA Today is reporting Woods could "potentially be held liable as an owner of the establishmnt even if he wasn't physically at the venue if a foreseeable risk of injury or death occurs due to over-serving somebody with a known history of alcohol abuse issue."

The lawsuit, filed by Immesberger’s parents, Katherine Belowsky and Scott Duchene, seeks damages in excess of $15,000.

The full complaint can be found here: https://m2d2s5w6.stackpathcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Immesberger-Complaint.pdf


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