Trump breaks promise in building new golf course

Company owned by Chinese government pockets $35m to assist in building Trump World Golf in Dubai

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Trump breaks promise in building new golf course

A firm owned by the Chinese government has been hired to help build President Donald Trump’s new golf course in Dubai, despite promises from the President he would not give contracts to foreign government agencies or entities while in office.

A partnering company of Trump’s, DAMAC, has awarded a $32m contract to the Middle East subsidy of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation for their assistance in building the Trump World Golf Club in Dubai, set to open next year.

Both companies announced the agreement when Trump took office, although the President was hardly mentioned in the press release.

A Trump spokesperson said the deal is for infrastructure work around the hospitality development, and is not related to the golf club.

The Chinese company was banned from taking contracts from the World Bank in 2009 for fraud and corruption.

It is unknown when the deal was made, but if it occurred after Trump took office it could violate the Emoluments Clause, an anti-bribery provision which states federal officials may not receive gifts from foreign governments. Breaking the clause is an impeachable offence.

In more Trump news, his golf course in the Bronx, New York, has been vandalised with graffiti, according to the New York Daily News.

Apparently the graffiti read “The New Colossus”, which may be a reference to the poem on the Statue of Liberty.

In May, two men broke into the course and cut down numerous trees with a chainsaw.