US Open resident barbers hunting Beef, cooing at Fleetwood, dreaming of DJ's beard

Players are making the most of free cuts at Shinnecock ahead of the 2018 US Open. 

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Thu, 14 Jun 2018


At the US Open the cameras are rolling, the Grams are gurning, the Paps are...papping – it’s relentless. So you need to look your best.  A fresh cut is a necessity.

But the players need not fret. Should they have forgotten to turn up at Long Island’s Shinnecock with a slovenly trim, they can pick one up in the club's locker room.

Anthony Montamez and Eddie Canillas, who have a shop 20 miles west of the course, have the clippers in hand, and have already gone through 50 heads.

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"I'm going to be honest," Montamez, 29, said told "I love Dustin Johnson's beard, man. I've been wanting to shape that thing since I started playing golf."

"A lot of the guys are getting it pretty tight on the sides, usually a 2 or 3," he adds. "Everyone wants clean lines — neck cleaned up, side burns cleaned."

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It’s free for the players to use, but tips are welcome – so far Branden Grace has been the most generous, leaving three figures.

And guess who they are desperate to get in? Beef and that beard, obviously.

"I messaged him on Instagram," Montamez says, "but I don't know if he's seen that."

When asked who has the best head of hair, the answer is European number one Tommy Fleetwood – “ I do like his flow”. We agree. 

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