WATCH: Beau Hossler... "Tiger & Phil earned the right to play for $9m"

EXCLUSIVE! Beau Hossler talks to about his thoughts on the Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson

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Thu, 6 Dec 2018

It’s fair to say the Las Vegas showdown between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, for a mere $9m, caused a plenty of controversy in the golfing world.

Many people had been waiting for something like this for years, saying that golf needed spicing up a bit and a match for such a huge sum of money would do just that.

Others believed it was 10 years too late for these two greats to go head to head, or that playing for $9m was damaging for the sport, with many golf fans feeling like the two were showing off the money they’d raked in over the years.

It wasn’t just fans of golf who were outspoken about the match, but other Tour professionals too. Some took to Twitter to let off some steam about the pay-per-view event which Sky Sports decided to pick up just days before. Eddie Pepperell, known for being outspoken on Twitter, labelled the big-money bout as “pathetic”.

One man who was fully supportive of ‘The Match’ and the high stakes behind it, was PGA Tour professional Beau Hossler, who narrowly missed out on the Houston Open earlier this year, losing in a playoff to The Postman himself, Ian Poulter.

Watch below as we caught up with Hossler at the TaylorMade HQ in California to get his comments on the Tiger vs Phil $9m match...





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