WATCH: Hoffman empties bag on range to find his chocolate bar!

Charley Hoffman: "I guess the Easter bunny hid a little chocolate in my bag."

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charley hoffman finds chocolate bar inside his bag


Dropping shots on the golf course is bad, but letting chocolate bars slip through your fingers and into your golf bag is much, much worse. 

That was the story for defending Texas Open champion Charley Hoffman ahead of his opening round on Thursday.

The four-time PGA tour winner felt some unusual residue on his clubs, and quickly realised it had something to do with a chocolate bar he must have dropped in there from earlier in the week. 

Check out the hilarious video below of Hoffman's caddie Brett Waldman emptying their Tour bag of 14 clubs to find the culprit.

"I guess the Easter bunny hid a little chocolate in my bag," Hoffman said after the round.

"I had some residue on my club and I smelled it, and it was definitely a Reese's egg."

Melted chocolate, rotten banana - what's the worst thing you've found in your golf bag before?