WATCH: Jaco Van Zyl uses crazy putter at Joburg Open!

Jaco Van Zyl has put Cleveland's Smart Square Stubby putter in his bag this week. Have you seen a smaller putter face than this before?

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Thu, 23 Feb 2017

jaco van zyl crazy small putter

Just try telling South Africa's Jaco Van Zyl that Cleveland Golf's Smart Square Stubby is a training putter!

Billed by the brand as a "simple yet elegant practice putting tool", the Stubby is designed to help golfers concentrate on hitting the sweet spot of the putter.



According to Cleveland, the Stubby “positively influences the putting stroke and the mental approach to striking the ball accurately and consistently... it builds a stroke for beginners and reinforces a good one for experienced players.”

The key to the Stubby is that while it is dimensionally tiny, it weighs the same as a standard putter, allowing you to easily transition to a Smart Square blade or mallet after practice.


- Two squares are better than two circles

- The Smart Square putter will help players of all abilities discover easier, more consistent alignment

- Dual Axis Alignment technology provides players with 23% more accurate alignment

WATCH: Jaco Van Zyl uses crazy putter at Joburg Open!











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