WATCH: Phil Mickelson reveals CRAZY PGA Tour story

In the latest edition of Phireside with Phil, Mickelson reveals one of his craziest stories from his career.

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Tue, 17 Sep 2019

You'd think these Phireside with Phil stories would start to get old, but Lefty keeps on providing us with epic stories from his career and his latest tale is possibly the best one yet.

Mickelson was at one of his favourite restaurants and it happened to have a very cosy fireplace, giving the five-time major champion inspiration to tell one of the craziest stories you'll hear.

The story is described by Mickelson as “one of the most interesting moments that have happened with me on the PGA Tour” and once you hear it you'll find it difficult to disagree.

The story is set in the 1990's at Poppy Hills Golf Course where Mickelson was playing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and Mickelson was on the tee of a par-3 where he had a fairly small crowd watching him.

Moments later, Mickelson sees a man riding a bike down the cart path when suddenly the unexpected happened.

All of a sudden, "one of the guys in the gallery takes his arm, and as he comes close to him, goes ‘Whack!’ and knocks him on his back” Mickelson explains in his story. Watch the video below and hear the story from the man himself.

Mickelson couldn't believe what he had just witnessed and he and his playing partners are all shocked at what has just occurred, but what followed surprised him even more.

The man that put the cyclist to the floor, stands over him as he lies sprawled out on the floor, points his finger at him and shouts "that's my bike!"

The thief had stolen the bike earlier in the day and clearly didn't think he would cross pathts with the owner of the bike, but realising the situation he was in, he quickly gets up and runs away, leaving the owner of the bike to calmy ride away.



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