WATCH: The table football golf game everyone wants during lockdown!

How cool is this table football golf game designed by Hubert Privé! We all need THIS in our lives right now... 

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Fri, 1 May 2020
WATCH: The table football golf game everyone wants during lockdown!

Many of us are in need of curing levels of boredom right now during the coronavirus lockdown, and French golf artist Hubert Privé may very well have just designed the product to do just that for us golfers. Think table football, only golf clubs. 

Check out the plastic sculptor's new Instagram post where he shows off his latest invention, which has quickly gone viral on social media...



Privé, 64, is known for creating universal works that are intended for lovers of art and contemporary works. 

Golf, in particular, represents an important source of inspiration for the artist, an area to which he devotes a good part of his work.

Hubert's approach, as well as his artistic fiber evolve over his life and according to his independence of mind.

As a child he tried many sports (athletics, rugby, handball, scuba diving) until he discovered golf at the age of 35

With his industrial design diploma in hand, he began to work in metallurgy where he learned to master volumes and materials. All these technical skills will then be very useful to him in the production and manufacture of his works.

Recently, Hubert was chosen to design the emblem of the national event: The Golf 13 Trophies, created to celebrate French golf and the return of the sport to the 2016 Summer Olympics, as well as France hosting the 2018 Ryder Cup, which Europe duly went on to defeat the United States 17.5 - 10.5.