Williams to caddie on LPGA Tour - splitting with Scott after 2017

Kiwi Steve Williams will work with Danielle Kang at New Zealand Open

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Tue, 26 Sep 2017

Kiwi Steve Williams will team up with Danielle Kang at the New Zealand Women’s Open, his first foray into women’s golf.

"I needed a caddie, a local, because my caddie isn't able to be here," she said. "Someone said, 'Would you mind having Steve Williams on your bag?' I thought it was a joke at first. Eventually I emailed him, and that was that. I had hopes of finding a local caddie, and he's as local as it gets. I think I did pretty well there."

Williams told the New Zealand Herald: "It'll be a good experience to see if I can learn something from how they do things. Danielle is a good player, and once you start the tournament, you want to win, so nothing will change there."

The 24-year-old American is ranked 21st, and won her first major at the KPMG PGA Championship this term.

According to the Herald, Williams will no longer work with Aussie Adam Scott following 2017.

The pair teamed up in 2011, and won the Masters in 2013. The duo have been working on a part-time basis for the last few years, and Scott will go to a full-time bagman.

"He's had a job share where he's had two caddies for the last two seasons, but he wants to return to one caddie next season," Williams said. "I'm not interested in caddying full-time anymore, I've done that enough. When you get away from golf there's still plenty of things to do."

"(I'm) probably interested to do another season next year, it's going to be my 40th year next year, so it's sort of a personal milestone. I'd be pretty happy to probably do next year and then sign off, that'd be it for me."



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