Would this be considered holed? Here's the ruling for this unique scenario

Imagine thinking you had made your first hole-in-one and then this happens...

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Tue, 27 Apr 2021

Would this be considered holed? Here's the ruling for this unique scenario

If this unique golf scenario happened on a par-3 from your tee shot, I think it's safe to say most of us would probably leave our clubs at the golf course and never return to the sport again.

Golf Rules Questions is a popular Instagram page and YouTube channel, where Blake - a golf coach and rules expert - posts unique scenarios on the golf course that result in interesting rulings that some golfers might not be aware about.

The page's latest post shows an image of a golf ball that has come to rest on a small twig that is covering the hole and had the twig not been there, the ball would most definitely be in the hole.

Blake asked the following question in the post: "Is this ball considered holed?"

The answer certainly surprised a few of his followers.

"Answer. No it isn’t holed. To proceed, you could either try tap it in, or mark your ball, lift your ball and the twig, then place your ball on the lip of the hole where it will stay at rest. If it falls in, you must replace it to where it will stay at rest. Rule 13.3 and definition of ‘holed’."

The post received multiple comments from golf fans who were full of questions in reaction to the interesting scenario.

"So if you marked, moved the twig and then replaced the ball but couldn’t replace it without it falling into the hole what would be the ruling?" asked one golf fan.

"You replace it at the nearest spot where it will stay at rest no nearer to the hole," replied Blake.

Now if you were on the green and lining up a putt, you would of course ensure there is nothing covering the hole that would interfere with your ball, but if you were standing on a tee box or chipping onto the green, you might not notice something as small as a twig.

So lesson learned. In the unlikely case that something is covering the hole, make sure you remove it before taking your next shot.

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