Golf Practice Drills: consistent chipping

Consistency in any part of your game is important but in short game even more so. PGA professional Graeme Davies shows us how to keep it simple but effective

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Mon, 5 Aug 2013

Step 1: Chipping circle

The consistent chipping drill is our third short game article in the Short Game Practice Drills series.

On the practice chipping green it's important to know what to drill but for PGA coach Graeme Davies, he knows exactly what needs to be done.

Using a wedge or chipping device of choice, try to chip ten balls into a circle about 8-10 foot in diameter as this will give you a chance of an up and down.

Challenge yourself with point scoring so you keep trying to improve on your last performance. For instance, in the above photograph Graeme has managed to get three balls out of five in the circle, a number he'll try and beat next time.

Try this drill with a number of clubs as you may find one that you really like and is generally more effective when playing any short game shot.

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