You've hit a wayward second and you're stuck in very deep rough, is there a way out? PGA professional David Bown gives us his top tips on the pitch shot

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Fri, 19 Jul 2013

Step 2: Steep angle of attack

The most important aspect of this shot is cutting through the grass or avoiding it as well you can. 

A tip for that is to have a much steeper downswing angle when coming through to impact. This will mean less grass will be behind the ball when you make contact.

As you can see in the left photograph, David has his two elbows close together and close to his stomach showing he's coming down through the ball from a steeper height.

Notice his left arm stays straight through the stroke as well which gives you more control and power when forcing the club through the grass into the ball.

Click the next slide to see how David finishes on the stroke...



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