Toughest Golf Shots: downhill chip and run

If you play this shot right it can be a deadly weapon around the green, so what's the best way to play it? PGA professional David Bown gives us his top tips

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Mon, 22 Jul 2013

Step 1: Body weight forward

The downhill chip and run shot is our second short game article in the Golf's Toughest Short Game Shots series.

A considerable number of greens across any golf course will have raised banks around the edge of the green or have a sloping fairway feeding towards the putting surface.

PGA coach David Bown shows us the simple steps to seek out the pin despite coming from a tough lie.

The first and most important part of this shot is the set up. Have the ball in the middle - if not slightly back of middle - of your stance so you hit the ball first even if it's slightly off the bottom of the clubface.

If you're right-handed push 80% of your body on to your left side and have your hands forward of the ball. This will help the ball come out with a low ball flight for extra roll and top spin when it lands on the green.

Click the next slide to see how David uses a short backswing for the shot...



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