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Butch's video double

Harmon reveals power and short game secrets

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Sun, 23 Sep 2001

Butch's video double
Butch Harmon - Tiger's coach.

Two new videos by Tiger Woods' coach Butch Harmon reveal some of the secrets of why his protege is ranked the world's No.1 golfer.

Everyone wants to possess Tiger's power, his arrow-straight accuracy and his finesse on and around the green, but as Harmon says in his excellent two part 'Ultimate golf' videos you won't achieve it without patience and hours spent on the practice range.

But he admits there are short cuts, 'as long as you are prepared to leave your ego in the car park.'

"Everyone has power in their own swing, the secret is how to use it and get the most out your own physique," he says.

Harmon relies on fundamentals to create power in driving with one of the keys, ensuring you are the correct distance from the ball at address.

His tip is to grip the club at address, detach the right hand (if you are right-handed), let the arm hang down and replace the hand on the club without lifting the arm - it should naturally return to the correct position.

Power, he says comes from creating width in the back swing.

"Make a wide arc with a slight wrist hinge in the takeaway, transfer your weight forward as you unwind and keep the arms in front of the body as you follow through."

For fairway woods, he suggests holding your position in the follow through until the ball hits the ground and for long irons 'complete your backswing and swing within yourself."

Ultimate Golf video.

Harmon even reveals the secrets of Tiger's low, stinging long-iron shots.

"Ball back in the stance, hands ahead, keep your right side tall and abbreviate the follow-through.

Tiger, he says, spends 70 per-cent of his practice time on his short game and so should the average amateur.

For the flop shot, the key is grip pressure.

"Keep the pressure light for more early wrist action, position the ball off your left toe and make a long, lazy swing."

With bunker shots position the ball off your left toe, open the club face, re-grip, keeping your left thumb on top of the shaft and release the club on the target line with a high follow-through."

When putting and chipping, ground the club on the target line and build a comfortable stance around the clubhead position, never the other way round.

Though Harmon has an irritating way of using the phrase ' now let's talk about let's talking about course IQ (course management to you and me), and he must have said it about 50 times during the course of the total of 90 minutes recording, he still expresses himself in simple terms.

And the videos (£12.99 each) or DVD versions (£24.99 for two) are still worth adding to your collection.

Ultimate Golf Part One (Secrets of the short game) and Part Two (Power play and course IQ) are available from Quadrant or from any good local video stockist.. Release date: October 8, 2001.



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