Golf tip: Hit it solid, not harder

Major winner Glover's long but only drives it 85 per-cent

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Golfmagic correspondent
Fri, 26 Apr 2013

The immaculate ball striking of US Open champion Lucas Glover should have all golfers immitating the American's swing, according to one of America's top teaching pros.

Florida-based Trevor Gliwski says Glover is an example to all those trying to hit the ball further - hit it solid, not harder.

Glover, from South Carolina, has a major and two PGA championships in the bag and Gliwski believes it is his excellent driving that has proved all important.

“While clubhead speed produces distance, solid contact must not be overlooked," he says. "Lucas hits the ball hard  but he never swings at 100 per-cent. He's able to remain balanced and make consistently solid contact because he swings at 85 per-cent. Unless you absolutely have to rip it, you should always leave a little in the bag to consistently hit the centre of the clubface.”

Gliwski adds that Glover never changes the shape of his swing, whether faced with a straight fairway or one that is either a dog-leg left or right.

“Lucas hits the same shot off the tee every time and always plays his draw. For most players it's easier to play the same shot pattern, rather than try to work it both ways. Whether you draw it or fade it, try to hit the same shot every time, and you will drive it more consistently.”

Article first published October 2009, updated April 2013


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