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Golf tip: Learn to swing like a kid!

Two clubs will help you feel the head in your golf swing

John Hoskison
Mon, 13 Jul 2009

Golf tip: Learn to swing like a kid!

Swing two clubs to get the feel of a heavy head

PGA pro John Hoskison, who plays on the European Seniors Tour, offers some quick tips to help golfers improve their game.

WE ALL know how well junior golfers can swing the golf club. Sometimes, anbd often so annoyingly for us adults, it's so good and natural, isn't it? Give them a half-decent grip and it seems almost within minutes they start swinging the club on line and in plane - just like a pro.

But don't get disheartened. It’s not because they have more talent than the rest of us, it's usually - and simply - because the club is slightly too heavy for them.

With a club that is too heavy in the head, a youngsters tends to initiate the golf swing naturally, using the upper body to swish the club away from the ball. But give a normal golf club to an adult, with stronger hands and arms, and they tend to override the natural swing by using their hands and arms in the takeaway.

Try this exercise to start the swing off with a natural one-piece takeaway. Instead of warming up by swinging one club, put two or even three together and from a stationary stance, make you golf swing.

You'll find that automatically you will use the upper body to sweep the club away from the ball creating the necessary momentum for the club to swing naturally. Practice swinging with two or three clubs to promote a natural swing just like a junior. It will also help you stretch those muscles as a warm-up exercise and you'll feel just like a kid again!

John Hoskison is attached to the Newbury Golf Centre and plays on the European Seniors Tour, having earned a conditional card after finishing 10th at Qualifying School at the Pestana. He returned to the UK to rebuild his career in tournament golf after spending time in China, where he was instrumental in the building a driving range for underprivileged children Fuzhou. He won the 2005 Jamega Tour Order of Merit with six victories from 12 starts. For further information visit John's website at



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