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Hit the long driver like Miller

Miller's ugly but effective driving

Fri, 19 Nov 2010

Hit the long driver like Miller

When Londoner Joe Miller won the ReMAX World Long Drivers Open Championship in Mesquite, Nevada earlier this month, he did it with a golf swing that defied all the odds.

The 6ft 4in golfer battled his way though five rounds in the "Last Chance" bracket category to make the semi-finals where in head-to-head combat he knocked out defending champion Jamie Sadlowski with a stunning tee shot of 395 yards, compared to the local favourites 388.

Experts said Joe's swing was ugly - too wide with toes at right angles to his target (instead of slightly splayed) - and that he got himself airborne at impact.

But boy was it effective. And he used the massive power and momentum he generated in his follow through to launch the ball consistently long against allcomers, using a Krank Golf Rage drive to deliver a ball speed of 225 mph.

In the final he met 16-year-old American Joe Mazza, with his far more orthodox golf swing, but the youngster was no match for Miller.

As the huge stadium crowd held their breath Miller blasted his tee shot down the right centre and it looked to be heading just out of bounds until it took a 'members' bounce' left and rolled out to the 410 yard marker.

Mazza could only reply with a drive of 371 yards, enabling Miller to claim the $150,000 winner's cheque.

“I don’t know what to say," said an almost speechless Miller. "I came together in my last round and got a great bounce to the left to stay in bounds. It is a dream come true."

Watch the video and note Joe's great ball position and arm and club alignment at address.  He also has a spine tiltto allow him to drive the ball high and long. Only by jumping off his feet on the down swing does he generate such enormous power. 

Maybe we all should try this at home, after all!



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