How to hit it 20 yards further

Top exclusive advice from France's Francois Delamontagne

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Fri, 26 Apr 2013

At just under six feet tall and 13 stone, Francois Delamontagne isn’t the biggest pro golfer but he can sure crack his driver, averaging 308 yards in 2005, the longest on the European tour.

Golfmagic was anxious to find out the secret of his long driving success and what tips he can pass on to amateurs who visit this site.

When it comes to technique, Francois describes his stance ‘as wide and slightly open to the target’ with the ball position quite well forward in his stance.

"I love hitting the ball strongly with a little fade. Though today’s drivers have a deep face, I don’t tee the ball too high – only when I need to hit it a long way."

So how does he get that extra 20-30 yards when he needs, perhaps, to reach a short par four or set himself up to reach a longer par-5 in two shots?

"I grip the club stronger and move the ball a little further left in my stance. I slow my backswing a little to be able to hit the ball 150 percent in downswing," says Francois who uses a Vardon overlap grip.

He adds: "I don’t really have a swing thought when I’m trying to get extra distance. I try not to think about it too much, just relax and try to be solid through impact.

"I try to be very solid with the lower part of my body, and my wider stance helps create stability and balance. I then try to get a big shoulder turn," he says, adding with a grin: "I also eat a lot of red meet and only drink Kronenbourg!"

I asked him if handicap club golfers can automatically hit the ball further using his technique.

"To hit the ball far, you really need to be fit and combine that fitness and flexibility, especially in the upper body, with good technique.

"But Golfmagic golfers can also get extra yards with good rhythm and tempo. That’s very important. It will help to centre the ball in the clubface and generate better ball striking," says Francois.

Article first published June 2005, updated April 2013


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