How to hit the ball further than your mates?

How to fly straight over you playing partners

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Steve Bishop
Fri, 26 Apr 2013

Probably the most asked question of a golf coach is:How do I hit the ball further [than my mates]?

It cropped up again the other day when James - an 11 handicapper who uses a 10.5 degree driver with a regular flex shaft - complained that he was the butt of cruel jokes and almost always the first to play after the tee shot during his Sunday morning fourball.

'Just occasionally I'd love to shock them by being regarded as sneaky long and gain an extra 15-20 yards,' he told me.

I'm reminded of the movie called 'Robin Hood - Prince of thieves' where Robin Hood (Kevin Costner) is engaged in a staff fight with Little John (Morgan Freeman). Robin is tripped and falls in the water all bloodied up and in frustration yells out "What do I do?"

The response is a classic.

"Get up... move faster!" says Freeman.

It's so darn simple that it might just work.

If you want to get more clubhead speed you need to speed up your swing.

You might think it's kind of a "Doh!" statement but you'll be surprised how timid golfers are with their swings. If you want more distance, you have to swing the club faster. Fact

But I'm not saying that you need to HIT the ball HARDER. For psychological reasons that's a big No! No! We're not bracing ourselves against the shot. Instead we need to swing all the way through to the finish as quickly as we can get there.

The swing should be violent, but also in balance.

All this talk about 'if I slow down I seem to hit it better' is great in trying to become aware of your swing but when you want to hit that ball 20 - 30 yards further you have to swing faster.

Let it it up. Unleash the speed demon in you and commit to that speed all the way to the finish. There is no quit.

First published March 2007, updated April 2013


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