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Increase your driving power with Edfors

Cobra Puma staffer speaks exclusively to Golfmagic

Johan Edfors
Fri, 15 Jun 2012

Increase your driving power with Edfors

Golfmagic joined Johan Edfors, regarded as one of the biggest hitters on the European Tour averaging more than 300 yards off the tee, on the range where the Swede explained how you can increase power off the tee.

First you need to make sure you have good grounding on the tee box, so to do that, I like to widen my stance. Much of your power comes from having a good setup and not just from spending several hours in the gym.

I like to hit a little bit of a draw to promote distance. In order to do that, I close my feet slightly so that I’m aiming a bit to the right. I will close my stance a bit, move further to the right and close the clubface a fraction.

By doing that, the driver has more rotation and as the club is coming from the inside out it creates greater clubhead speed.

As you move into your downswing, you want to feel that your front leg is in a stable position. At impact, your front hip should turn out of the way so you straighten the front leg upon impact. From there, let the hands release the clubhead through the ball.

Maintaining your spine through the swing is also important for distance as power comes from releasing your coil at impact. If you hunch over the ball, it will decrease swing speed.

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Edfors uses Cobra Golf equipment and wears Puma Golf apparel.



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