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Something for the Weekend: Pick your driving targets, says McDowell

The tenth in our Friday tips service

Tue, 5 Oct 2010

Something for the Weekend: Pick your driving targets, says McDowell

This week in Something for the Weekend - our regular Friday series in which we offer a simple tip for you to try out on the course over the weekend - former US Open champion and Ryder Cup hero Graeme McDowell reveals the secret to keeping your drive in play.

Pick targets on the range

“Driving accurately is one of my main keys to success,” says McDowell, “especially in tournaments where the fairways are narrow and the rough can be deep.

“For me it's always important to pick good targets on the driving range before I play. Something in the distance that's not too high or too low, something at eye level that I can focus on.

“Walk along the range at any events and everyone hits it great but I'm more concerned at hitting it straight focussing on my targets and shaping the ball.

“Even I know that I'm guilty sometimes when I come to a par-5 of slashing at it to try to get in position to get up in two. 

“But I've learned that it's more important to hit the fairway so I work hard on the range, to play within myself and try to hit the small targets I set myself on the range.”

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