1 - Correct equipment

Want to teach your kids how to play without expensive coaching? Then check out our top tips

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Wed, 23 Oct 2013

1. Correct equipment

Before a golf club is even swung it's important to check out what's the best equipment for your child considering their age, size and strength.

In the top left-hand image, James shows us what he uses to teach very young children from around 3-5. It's a very light golf club with a plastic shaft and an over-sized head and target spot on the clubface.

At this stage of a child's crucial development it's vital they don't put any strain on their bodies. For this reason the Nike Golf SQ junior sets (as seen top right-hand photograph), designed for 6-8 years, are designed with a light stand bag and just the essential clubs (putter, three irons, a fairway wood, and a driver).

If you want to reduce costs then an old set of cut-down clubs is always an option. For a fraction of the price you can get a top notch kids set, just take an old set into the local pro shop.

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