Brian Tracy - driver swing

In the first of our new Send-A-Swing series, CityPoint Golf's Chris Ingham analyses the swing of a Golfmagic reader

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Thu, 8 May 2014

Chris Ingham says...

Moving on to your driver swing, your lower half collapse causes the lower half not to dominate the downswing enough and even without slow motion, you can see the leverage and lag has been lost way before the ball.

For a solution to both iron and driver swings - if you want a long term fix and not a classic quick fix - is to learn to make shorter swings by trying to hit the ball as far as possible by only using the lower half, almost a chip backswing and driver follow through.

If you want some great drills then I suggest practising the low flying wedge drill, punch shots off the front foot with zero release like Zach Johnson (great to look at on YouTube for most people).

With regards to working on the backswing, try to feel like it's much steeper with turn.

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