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CityPoint Golf Swing Analysis 2: Ben Chappell

In the second of our new Send-A-Swing series, CityPoint Golf's Chris Ingham analyses the swing of a Golfmagic reader

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Wed, 14 May 2014

GOLFMAGIC has teamed up with CityPoint Golf Studio this season to give our readers the chance to learn more about their own golf swings - and all for free!

In the second article of our new series, CityPoint's Chris Ingham takes a closer look at the iron swing of Golfmagic reader Ben Chappell.

Chris Ingham says...

Decent swing, in all honesty, but his position of the left arm halfway down indicates he's too much inside and not steep enough.

A note here to any eager readers is that being more steep with the irons (not stupidly so) means less dynamic loft and less likely weak misses and weak/short ball flights.

Halfway down if he compared himself to a good straight Tour player, his left arm is too inside and across the chest. Take a look at Graeme DeLaet as an opposite example.

With the driver, as a guess, he looks like he might get stuck in-to-out making the ball go left due to a closing face through impact.

At this level a machine like GC2-HMT, which we use here in my studio at CityPoint Golf in Moorgate, is invaluable.

At the top, his hands are a little too far behind. I think he may know this, however, as he practices a steeper backswing than he actually makes.

Golfmagic Send-A-Swing Series in association with CityPoint Golf

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