Golf Practice Drills: top five stretches before a round

You've woken up late, rushed to the tee, and you're as stiff as a board. Get warmed up before your round with these simple stretches from PGA professional Graeme Davies.

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Mon, 5 Aug 2013

Stretch 1: Club behind back

The top five stretches before a round drill is our fifth article in the General Practice Drills series.

You have to loosen up before a round so what are the best warm up stretches? PGA coach Graeme Davies lets us in on his top pre-round exercises.

As you see in the above photograph, Graeme has pulled the club over his head and continued to pull it towards the ground.

This golf stretch will help loosen up the arm, shoulder and back muscles. Just gently ease them around, you don't want to over do it. Switch arms and do the same stretch, no longer than ten seconds on each side.

Click the next slide to see Graeme's Intercostal stretch...



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