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A handy index linking all our top golf tips

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Golfmagic Staff
Sun, 1 Jan 2012

This is the hub of our top golf tips we've gathered over the months. Here's a run-down of what we've done so far...

Long Game

Do you ground or hover your driver?

Never underestimate your follow through

Hit Tiger Woods' stinger off the tee

How to create backspin, with Gary Boyd

Know your distances, advises Chris Hanson

How to punch the ball into the wind

Make more of your drive

How to hit a cut, with Jim Furyk

Pick targets with your driver, says Graeme McDowell

Short Game

Toe down to chip, says Nick Faldo

Try the pitch-and-run shot

Innovation key to escaping that tricky spot

Feel your chipping distances, with England Elite star Sam Claridge

The importance of getting your wedge lie right

How to spin the ball like the professionals

Chip with a 3-wood, says Australian Nikki Garret

Master the lob chip over a mound

A chipping tip from Phil Mickelson


Sense a feel for putting speed, says Kenny Perry

Brandt Snedeker's secret to putting success

Take a care-free approach to short putts

Play the Par-Birdie putting game with the England Elite squad

A putting ‘Masters class’

Bunker Play

Master the 50-yard bunker shot 1, with Bernard Gallacher

Master the 50-yard bunker shot 2

Master the 50-yard bunker shot 3

Playing from waste areas

Tackle a downhill bunker lie

Wide and bowed in a bunker

Posture and Positioning

Why alignment takes the pressure off

Narrow your stance at address

Try a ‘feet together’ drill

Align to the target

Alignment is key, says Rory McIlroy

Square the shoulders

Fix your ball position

Thumbs up! Why grip pressure is vital

Mental and Psychological

The most important shot is your next, says Ben Hogan

Put the bad shots behind you, says Bernard Gallacher

Think ball, not technique!

Bunker doughnuts with Nick Dougherty

Feel, hear and see the shot, writes Trilby champ

Aim small, miss small

Commit to the shot

Pick positive targets

Add side games to your 18-hole knockabout

Proof is in the stats


Try some matchplay this weekend

Set a matchplay game plan, says Hal Sutton

Handle the matchplay pressure, with Davis Love

Control the tempo of your match, says Paul Azinger

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