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Tip 2: Justin Rose talks to us about ball position

Andy Roberts's picture
Tue, 6 Jun 2017


Who better to talk to you about ball position than Olympic champion Justin Rose, who addressed the issue when we spoke to him recently.

"The higher you need to hit it, the further forward it needs to be in your stance – and that works from driver to wedge," Rose told us. 


"Generally I don’t think amateurs have the ball for their long irons, forward enough in their stance.

"They have it towards the middle and then hit behind it or thin it. The ball should be two or three inches behind your left heel. You need to imagine you are sweeping it so that at impact the full loft of the club is presented to the ball."

"If the ball is too far back there’s not enough loft or you’ll try and help it up in the air."



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